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Book of the Future Commanders Vassily K.
Vassily K.
Book of the Future Commanders
minimalism, mash-up
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As a kid, in the Soviet seventies, I was very fond of "Book of the future commanders" by Anatoly Mitiaev - a profound, richly illustrated book on military history for children and adolescents, with detailed descriptions of things like weapons of the Roman legionary, Suvorov's tactics in the Battle of Rymnik in 1789 and the peacekeeping role of our ballistic missiles. It was all very beautiful and fascinating. I carefully studied and redraw colored arrows and squares in the schemes of battles, and I owned hundreds of toy soldiers. Оnce I even heartily wrote a school essay about the plans to join the military when I grow up. Years passed, the hair grew, the attitude to many things changed. I found the book resently and tried to read. It was interesting to recognize the echoes of what hooked me then, but in general, especially along with the news about the war in Ukraine, now I could not see any beauty but only the documents of suffering caused by inability to hear and understand each other.

The sound material used in this composition includes only excerpts from the book and the direct speech of this war, found in open access on Youtube.

Picture - Boris Stikhin
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Posted by Vassily K. on 12 February 2015
Tags: mash-up, minimalism
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